diego d'andria

Institute for Employment Research (IAB) of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA)  

Research Group GAMA (Grundsicherungsbezug und Arbeitsmarkt)

Regensburger Strasse 104,
D-90478 Nuremberg (Germany)

E-mail: diego.dandria [REMOVE-THIS-AND-ADD-@] gmail.com

General Information:

- I am a researcher in economics, with past experience as professional tax & business advisor.

- I earned my Ph.D in economics at the GK EIC, jointly by the University of Jena and the Max Planck Institute of Economics in Jena, Germany.

- I studied economics and business administration at the University of Naples "Federico II", Italy. I am Certified Public Accountant ("dottore commercialista") in Italy since 2008.

- As a researcher I worked at: LUISS University of Rome (Italy), Friedrich Schiller University of Jena (Germany), European Commission's JRC in Sevilla (Spain), IAB in Nuremberg (Germany).

- My main research interests are in the fields of: public finance and taxation, innovation policy, information economics, entrepreneurship.  

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